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This class mainly emphasizes pronunciation. Students will learn to sound out Hiragana with simple vocabulary words. Students have fun learning songs, games, crafts, and origami.

Age 4 and up


Introductory Japanese 

Textbook:やさしい にほんご Introductory Japanese (Red)

Workbooks: Introductory Japanese - Hanashimashoo (Conversation)

                     Introductory Japanese - Hiragana wo Kakimashoo    


Learn to read and write Hiragana, 200+ words and 22 basic sentences. Students will also learn how to speak, listen and read using songs, games, origami, flashcards and other materials.

Age 6 and up 

Young Kids in Class


Elementary Japanese

Textbook:やさしい にほんご Elementary Japanese (Yellow)

Workbooks: Elementary Japanese (1)

                     Elementary Japanese (2)


Review Hiragana, learn to read and write Katakana, 30+ basic Kanji, and 20+ sentences. Students will learn about Japanese culture through origami, songs, and games.


Intermediate Japanese

Textbook: やさしい にほんご   Intermediate Japanese (Blue)

Workbook: Intermediate Japanese 


Review Katakana, learn 80+ Kanji, more sentences, conversation and grammatical skills. Students will learn about Japanese culture through origami, songs, and games.


Advanced I

Textbook:  やさしい にほんご  Advanced Japanese (green) / まるごと

Workbook: やさしい にほんご Advanced Japanese (green)


This class emphasizes building the fundamentals of Japanese language through 4 skills: listening, reading, speaking, and writing while sharing Japanese culture.


Advanced II

Textbook: やさしい にほんご Advanced Japanese (purple)

Workbook: やさしい にほんご Advanced Japanese (purple)

Review grammar, learn 60+ Kanji, 500+ words, 40+sentence patterns, reading, and conversation.

**This class will be held primarily online 

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