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Our Mission

At J.A.C.C. Vista Japanese School, in cooperation with parents and the community, we provide a quality education for all of our students. We aim to provide activities that:

  • maintain and advance knowledge of the Japanese language, culture and traditions for everyone residing in North County. 

  • a local Japanese- speaking students to retain their Japanese language skills while living in an English-speaking environment.

  • provide a safe learning environment for staff and students. 


  • ノースカウンティの地域に住む全ての人の日本語と文化と伝統の知識の維持と進歩を 促進します。

  • 地域に住む日本語を話す生徒が英語を話す環境に住んでいる間、その日本語を向上し、維持できるようにサポートをします。

  • スタッフと生徒に健康で安全な学習環境を提供します。


A greeting from the principal


A greeting from the principal


Welcome to Vista Japanese School! 

Founded in 1976, our school has been providing a place for the children of North County, to experience the Japanese language, culture and traditions for over 45 years.

Each student has a personal goal for studying Japanese. Some may want to visit Japan or read manga. Whatever the reason, our school provides a platform. 

The keys to learning are continuation, personal drive, quality media, and dedicated teachers. Our faculty strives to provide a fun and comfortable environment for our students to engage in the educational experience. 

We look forward to welcoming you to our learning community. 


Gion Chisato  

School Principal










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